About SasEz!™ / Kathy...

This site has gone through many transitions over the years, sometimes it has lots of information and sometimes it has very little. For now I think I'm going with a minimalistic approach again.

I am Kathy Burns. A freelance writer and photographer who has been based out of Tucson Arizona and Southern New Mexico for the last 20 years. The year 2016 brought several gut wrenching personal losses to my life, so I'm starting over. I suspect I may move back to the Ohio River valley where I grew up, but first I need to explore a bit and try to get a handle on how this starting over thing works. So I'm taking a road trip across the United States :)

SasEz! is just a creative way to spell 'Sassy's'. It's a CB handle that was given to me back in the '80s.

If you're looking for my photography, check at Alamy for the latest, and at Instagram for casual day-to-day things. You'll also find older images at ShutterStock and at my business website, Electronic Perceptions.

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