Pallet Garden Fence

May 27, 2011|Posted in: Sustainable Lifestyle

As part of my ongoing struggle to protect my food gardens from critters, I decided to try building a pallet garden. Technically it’s a pallet garden fence and while it’s too soon to tell how the plants will fare inside of it, I like it quite a bit :)

I built this just two or three weeks ago using seven free pallets. Five of the pallets make up the walls, a sixth one is the front gate, and the seventh one was used for scrap pieces to hold the fence together.

The fence is not technically 100 percent done yet. It could use a few more cross pieces that hold the pallets together, and I’m thinking of putting shade cloth along the bottom to prevent the ground squirrels from squeezing through the openings between the slats. I couldn’t resist planting it already though :)


I laid it out like a square foot garden to give myself a bit of guidelines with planting space, then I covered the entire ground inside with a couple of inches of hay. That made finding my guidelines a little difficult later when i wanted to put seeds in but I wasn’t too worried… it doesn’t have to be perfect after all ;)

Since each pallet is about three feet four inches wide and four feet tall, the garden is just under seven feet long and three feet wide. I’m not entirely sure this size will work with pallets because they cast shade on part of the garden for a large portion of the day. I may widen it so that it’s almost seven feet wide as well as long.

I got petunias from one of my sons for mother’s day, and I planted two of them on the shadier side in the pallet garden. Petunias do well with heat and sun but low desert sun in Arizona is scorching so I figured they might appreciate a little shelter from it. I planted the other four petunias in two separate direct, all-day sun locations so I can compare the differences through the summer.

So far the pallet garden has seven volunteer sugar melon (cantaloupe) seedlings and I planted seeds for 11 bell peppers and 11 hot peppers that haven’t sprouted yet. Our summer is very long here, so the five to six month grow time peppers need from seed isn’t a problem even though I didn’t get them in the ground until late May.

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