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    What does Digital Photography Offer?

    Gone were the days when you have to look serious and stiff on cam. Remember Grandma’s photos? With the black-and-white image and the unsmiling faces, they look, er, lifeless. And with the outdated outfit, they simply lack pizzazz. Some may even say, out of this world, literally.

    Since then, photos have become more colorful, in more ways than one, and people are just more carefree. People want to be wacky nowadays. After all, their friends are going to see them in Facebook. They want to make darn sure they look like they’re having a helluva good time.

    Dramatic emo photos are quite popular too. Perhaps because it makes them look like models, a glimpse into a more glamorous world, the mere pretense an experience in itself. Picture taking may just have revolutionized relationships too. Take a picture of me and you, and suddenly we’re friends, sort of. After all, we just made a memory, caught on film, or better yet, caught on cam—something of value, something to hold on to.

    Why is Digital Photography so popular?

    Almost everyone wants their picture taken—whether alone or in a group, whether with friends, loved ones, or with strangers; with pets, plants, or trees; with the horizon as backdrop, frolicking in the water, or simply lying on the sand, people just can’t get enough. They even get excited seeing a picture of their feet. SurprisinglyBless youI do thinkYour trustyReadersCould quite possibllyWant
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