June 2021, Blue Ridge Parkway

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I'm Kathy Burns, aka "SasE", and I create editorial and business photography.

I shoot stock photography, primarily focused on travel documentary and tourism, architecture, events and misc. business needs.

I also sometimes shoot food, concepts and photo essays as part of my travel.

I began creating generic microstock photography in 2006, however my style was a bit too authentic for the time and I was dissatisfied with that business model.

In 2016 after a major personal tragedy, I began travelling much more and since that spawned a large library of images with my preferred style, I decided to focus on that more fully. I still sometimes add new images to my online portfolios at Shutterstock, Alamy, and Adobe Stock.

I like slow travel in the form of long road trips. I've travelled by plane, bus, and train over the years but I have driven back and forth across country more times than I can count and it's my favorite way to travel.

I recently got a small RV so that I can stay out on trips for months at a time and do photo shoots along the way.

I have lived in seven different states and I'm now based on the border of Virginia and West Virginia when I'm home.

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SasEz! is just Sassy's spelled creatively.

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It was so much fun working with you and the pictures look so great, thank you!

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