Terms and Conditions

Images here are ©Kathy Burns. All Rights Reserved.

Most of the photos on this site can be licensed directly, and downloaded immediately in digital form. The way you are allowed to use a downloaded image depends upon the license you paid for.

1. Free/Comp image: This does not cost anything and can be used on your personal computer or phone. Businesses may use a comp image to test layouts, designs and other potential uses before committing to licensing the image for their project.

2. Personal Use Image: A personal use image can be used for your own personal reasons. You may use it on your computer or phone as a background for instance, or you may print it out to hang for wall art.

3. Royalty Free: This is a commercial use license that allows you to use the image for business and advertising purposes, including social media. You pay for this license once and you may use the image as many times as you'd like.

4. Editorial: This license is for professional use only, online or off. Editorial images cannot be used for commercial or advertising purposes, as they often have people or property in them that are not released. These images are best for educational and informational purposes.

You may never sell, give away, transfer, or otherwise share the image with others.

You may not upload these images to a library or make them available to other people to download directly.

You may not create resale or print on demand products using these images.

You may not claim copyright on these images.

You may not claim that these images are copyright free or public domain.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.